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As a parent coach (and middle school teacher and parent), I help parents navigate the years from pre-teen to young adult.  I support you in taking you and your children from conflict to cooperation, from silence to sharing and from apathy to achievement.  You'll learn to help your children develop the life skills and attitudes that will help them reach their greatest potential.
Our family went through some extremely difficult times during our kids' teen years.  We were confused, overwhelmed, at times desperate.  We're good people, but love and good intentions were not enough.  Help came from the Hyde School, a program of family-based character education.  We chose Hyde because of their parenting program.  We knew that no matter how much progress our son made at school, he couldn't come back to the same 'business as usual'.  We had changes to make, too.  Life hasn't been the same since then... in the best possible way. We had help 'letting go' of our children in order to let them grow up.  Our focus consciously shifted to preparing our children for life, not just for college.  And this is what I am committed to sharing with you: * be more confident in decision-making and enforcing decisions. * set healthy limits and boundaries, while shifting responsibility to your children. * learn to listen and communicate so that both sides hear and respect each other. * navigate the balance between being a parent and a guide. * pay attention to your inner parenting wisdom that helps you act from intuition, not from fear. It can be done, and it's never to late, or too early to start. For more your FREE reports, tips and information about parenting workshops, go to: www.yourfamilymatterscoach.com fern@yourfamilymatterscoach.com 201-747-9642
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