'Unprecedented' School Sharing Plan a Success, Officials Say

Westwood and Washington Township elementary schools held combined sessions last week because of ongoing power outages.

An unusual plan to hold combined sessions in Westwood Regional schools with power after Hurricane Sandy was a success, school officials said at a Board of Education meeting Thursday.

"The move was unprecedented, but it became a wonderful learning experience for our students and staff," George School Principal Mary Ferreri said.

Students had already been out of school for an entire week because of damage and power outages caused by the storm, and power was still out at George Elementary School and Brookside Elementary School the following Monday.

District officials came up with a plan to hold combined sessions. Students from George School attended class at Washington Elementary School — they called it "George Washington School" — and students from Brookside School attended class at Berkeley Elementary School.

The Westwood schools ended up sharing facilities for one day. The Washington Township schools shared for five days.

Westwood Administrators Association President Charles Seipp praised Director of Elementary Education Rory McCourt and the elementary schools' principals, teachers and families for cooperating to make everything work during the

"We had to get creative to bring our kids back and provide them with a thorough educational experience last week," Seipp said. 

Governor Chris Christie also praised the plan when he visited Berkeley School last week and urged other districts to find similar methods to return students to school.

"Getting kids back to school is an important part of our return to normalcy," Christie said.

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andromeda November 17, 2012 at 02:31 PM
ok students, this is an excellent attemp by someone to "change the conversation" by reprising and reissuing a 2 week old story. Interestingly, this article gives Zoeller no credit for accomplishing this "unprecedented" move. According to Zoeller, he had to empty the supply closets to do it.
andromeda November 17, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Team Z completely ignored all necessary "checks and balances" (read BOE) to do this. They proved my point: with the exception of a few brave souls, our current BOE have allowed themselves to become a useless rubber stamp, abdicating thier duty as elected representatives. As per patch article "Zoeller Apologizes for Taking Generator" 11/16: "Board Memeber Joe Blundo said that the school administrators had made no communication with the Board as a whole in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy".
andromeda November 17, 2012 at 03:08 PM
if we as a community choose to hand over that much power and control, then we desreve what we get. School property being taken for personaluse will be the least of it.


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