Westwood Residents Contributed More to Presidential Campaigns Than Hillsdale, Township

Hundreds of Westwood residents donated money to Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaigns, totaling twice as much money as residents from Hillsdale and Washington Township combined.

Westwood residents donated twice as much to presidential campaigns as residents of Hillsdale and Washington Township combined.

Residents from Westwood donated a total of more than $100,000 compared to about $30,000 from Hillsdale and $20,000 from Washington Township residents.

More Westwood residents voted for Barack Obama than Mitt Romney and the majority of Hillsdale voters picked Romney, but the campaign contributions from those towns favored opposite candidates.

Westwood residents donated about $30,000 more to Romney's campaign than they did to Obama's, while Hillsdale residents donated more to Obama than Romney.

In Washington Township, Romney received the majority of the votes and the majority of financial contributions from residents.

Below is a table comparing the votes, number of contributors and amount of contributions given to each candidate in Westwood, Washington Township and Hillsdale. Bold indicates the greater compared value in each town.

Voted Romney Voted Obama Contributors to Romney Contributions to Romney Contributors to Obama Contributions to Obama Hillsdale 2,836 2,610 34 $13,205 141 $17,600 Washington Twp. 2,881 2,007 29 $12,355 110 $8,444 Westwood 2,562 2,698 133 $68,103 351 $38,377

Click here for an NJ Spotlight interactive map of campaign contributions broken down by municipality across the state.

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