Patterson Street Apartment Hearing Delayed

An attorney for the developer asked the Hillsdale Planning Board to hold the hearing until March because of an error with the application.

A hearing for a proposed 57-unit apartment building on Patterson Street in Hillsdale, originally scheduled for Wednesday night, was held until March because of an error with the application.

Ira Weiner, an attorney for the developer, said that there had not been enough copies of the plan distributed to the borough for the Hillsdale Planning Board, which will be hearing the plan. He asked that the board hold the hearing until their March 19 meeting.

"Rather than try to force something where there's an error, I want to make sure all the towns' procedures have been follow properly," Weiner said.

The plan calls for a three-story complex to be built on a wooded piece of property next to the PSE&G substation. Several residents have already shared concerns about the plan.

The board agreed to hold the hearing, which will now take place at their meeting March 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building. It will be the second application heard that night.

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INSBOB February 16, 2013 at 03:56 AM
The sad part is that so few people showed up for the meeting, I guess if something is not in there back yard people don't care. So the builders lawyer wanted a postponement for an error he made. So because of this the people surrounding the property do not have to be notified about the new date. think that was an accident? The problem is that all of the people of Hillsdale should attend and imho protest this project. This street is dangerious as it is, they have had many accidents as it is now. A large portion of the people use this street to bypass broadway to get to hillsdale ave and also go to the post office. 57 seven units and parking for 109 cars so right away this seems like a traffic & parking problem without counting visitors. this street is also over crowded already with the garbage trucks going to the transfer station and any time one of the 171 trains pass though parkview, vehicles are always backed up. This also has the potential of costing all of hillsdale over lets say $300,000 in additional costs to educate the children that will be living there. More than 27 units will be at least 2 bedroom. Remember most people that are renters do not really worry about the town they are living in at the present time. remember March 19th is the next meeting.


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