Official Results: Democrats Take Four Hillsdale Council Seats

One seat was won by just 31 votes in the close election.

Hillsdale Democrats took all four seats that were up for election this year, according to the official results released by Bergen County Wednesday.

On election night, on the council, but Republican incumbent Marie Hanlon was just 49 votes behind. She ended up even closer, just 31 votes behind Jason DeGise.

The official results, including provisional and mail-in ballots are:

Three-year term (2):

  • Larry Meyerson: 2,372
  • Jason DeGise: 2,367
  • Marie Hanlon: 2,336
  • Anthony DeRosa: 2,204
  • Jim Moldow: 663

Two-year unexpired term (1):

  • Tom Kelley: 2,565
  • Frank Pizzella: 2,330

One-year unexpired term (1):

  • Chris Looes: 2,565
  • John MacEwen: 2,303

The reorganization meeting is scheduled for January 6 at 1 p.m.

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