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New York Subpoenas Westwood Activist James O'Keefe

O'Keefe will have to turn over financial records for Project Veritas, a nonprofit he started.

James O'Keefe. File photo.
James O'Keefe. File photo.
An organization founded by Westwood native James O'Keefe has been ordered to turn over financial records to a New York court, according to a post on the group's website.

O'Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas, an organization which produces hidden camera videos with conservative political perspective. He's best known for an embarrassing video of ACORN employees which caused the group to lose their federal funding.

The New York Department of Labor requested "all documents and financials" since Project Veritas' founding, according to the post.

O'Keefe wrote that he believed the group was being targeted after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said "conservative Republicans… have no place in the state of New York" while speaking about a rift in the GOP.

In their post, Project Veritas claimed they were supposed to meet with labor department compliance officers last month, but the state officials never showed up. They also wrote that their financial records are "meticulously maintained" and denied any wrongdoing.
B@B January 24, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Sometimes I wonder how someone grows up in this area, with the many advantages of affluent suburban life, and ends up with so much hate in his heart that he has to make fake videos of people who don't agree with him, try to lure newswomen onto boats to embarrass them, and get dupes with just as much hate in their hearts to send him money. It galls me that I paid property taxes for his education. I think it's time for this "conservative" activist to move out of his parents' basement and get a real job.


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