Hospital Signs Approved by Board

The Westwood Planning Board approved the proposed signs for HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley.

When opens next year, it will include a fresh set of signs designed to quickly show visitors the way to the emergency room.

The Westwood Planning Board unanimously approved a plan for a set of new signs during their meeting Thursday. Four existing monument signs will remain in the same location, but receive a facelift and another will be added to a different location. One of the existing signs may later be removed or shrunk, as needed.

There will also be two 10-square-foot signs over the front and rear entrances of the hospital and a "primary sign" in front designed to let drivers know the hospital is there.

"This is appropriate for the campus," Jack Hulme, a designer who worked on the project, said.

Hulme said the signs will be somewhat simple, with labels like "emergency" accompanied by an arrow, so as to be easily read in stressful situations.

"Healthcare design in general is more complicated," Hulme said, because of the stress and the fact that hospitals are open all day, every day.

The monument signs will be lit internally, but only the letters will light up. The signs on the building will be lit externally with LED lights.

In the meantime, the temporary signs indicating the emergency room is open will remain. Hulme said they would be removed once the full hospital opens next year.

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