Hillsdale Woman Sues Town, Claims Road Built on Her Property

Pamela Kraycinovich filed a lawsuit against the town seeking to have them purchase the Beechnut Street land.

Hillsdale Borough Hall. File photo credit Jim Leggate.
Hillsdale Borough Hall. File photo credit Jim Leggate.
A Hillsdale resident has filed a lawsuit against the borough seeking she be paid for land on which a street was built.  

Pamela Kraycinovich claims in her lawsuit that the borough built part of Beechnut Street on her property when they widened the road to accomodate fire trucks several years ago. The road is a narrow dead end off of Hillsdale Avenue between Pascack Road and Anne Blanche Smith School.  

The widening of the road came after another property owner on the street subdivided their land to build another house in 2007, according to Kraycinovich's complaint. Until then, there were only two homes on the street since she moved there in 1977.

The wider road has increased traffic and led to other nuisances, according to the complaint.

"Litter and pet waste have been left in the yard, and passers-by have ventured onto the subject property to pick roses and other flowers," Kraycinovich claimed.

Kraycinovich wrote she had gone to borough officials to discuss the issue in 2008. They allegedly suggested purchasing the land from her then, but never followed up or responded to her again, she claimed.

Neither Mayor Max Arnowitz nor Borough Attorney Eric Bernstein could immediately be reached for comment.
Barry Black July 10, 2013 at 11:06 AM
Unknown to many residents, but 10 feet from a property line is land that is in perpetual eminent domain. The governing body can use that land for any public purpose like expanding roads and streets unless there is a structure on that piece of land----then they have to compensate the property owner. The homeowner in question will need to get a survey and if the construction is 10 feet or less from the property she is SOOL.


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