CVS Engineer Explains Drainage Plans

First Hartford Realty wants to build a CVS on the corner of Pascack and Washington.

Underground filter systems could reduce the flow of rain water from the site of a proposed CVS on the corner of Washington Avenue and Pascack Road, according to project engineer David Caruso.

Caruso testified at a special meeting Thursday of the Washington Township Zoning Board on behalf of First Hartford Realty, a developer with plans to demolish several homes on Pascack Road and on the site.

According to Caruso, rain water that falls on the site would be collected through several filtration systems that would reduce the flow of water off the site during storms. One of the underground systems would discharge filtered water into the municipal system, while another would release clean water into the ground. A third system would collect water from the roof of the store and collect it for watering plants.

Currently, 2.81 cubic feet of water per second flow from the site during a two-year storm. The proposed drainage system would cut that down to 1.39 cubic feet of water per second, Caruso said. Flow would also be reduced in more severe storms.

Board engineer Christopher Statile said maintaining the drainage system as planned would be a problem, as there is only one manhole for the whole site.

"It's virtually impossible to clean these pipes out," Statile said. "The system's got to be redesigned."

Caruso said he would add in more access points for the drainage systems to be cleaned. Because the systems filter out solids, they would need to be periodically cleared out. The responsibility of arranging cleanings would fall on the store manager, Caruso said.

At the meeting, Caruso also explained the proposed plantings for the site, which include adding 15 trees. Statile said they would need more, as the plan also calls for the removal of about 85 trees from the property. The property is in a residential zone.

The board will schedule the next hearing for the application at their next meeting on February 28.


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