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Cascio Picked As New Washington Township Council President

The Washington Township Council held its annual reorganization meeting Wednesday.

The Washington Township Council elected Dr. Steve Cascio as its president and Fred Goetz as its vice president for 2013 during their annual reorganization meeting Wednesday.

Council members and Mayor Janet Sobkowicz said they believed they had made progress last year toward making the township's government run more smoothly.

"This year, I think we've layed the groundwork in establishing good communication," Councilman Richard Hrbek said.

They were also positive about the upcoming year, saying that they hoped to continue to build on what they accomplished last year.

"I hope this is going to be a productive year for us," Councilman Joseph D'Urso said. "I hope we can work together. I know we're not always on the same page."

Council members also thanked Sobkowicz for reappointing Catherine Navarro-Steinel as the township administrator for 2013.

"This is what our town has needed for a long time: a professional who knows government," D'Urso said.

Some issues did come up at the meeting, including questions regarding the status of Kenneth Poller, the township attorney, and whether he counts as a regular employee or a contractor. Officials said they were still waiting for a ruling from the IRS to determine the matter. Poller was also reappointed at the meeting.

Some councilmen also said they hoped to discuss and possibly change their hiring practices for 2014. Several of the township's professional positions were not put out to bid.

In the upcoming year, Sobkowicz said she also expects to tackle issues like the future cell tower and new generator at the Municipal Complex, Memorial Field and the annual budget.

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oldmanwtp January 04, 2013 at 08:38 PM
build on what they accomplished. Are you kidding me! This council has done zero. Laid the ground work. Really. The shopping center, the corner of pascack and washington ave, the traffic at exit 168 , Memorial field and the cell tower were all election issues that councilman Durso and Goetz ran on. four years and they have accomplished nothing. can,t wait til the election in june
chuck January 07, 2013 at 11:52 PM
Lets see Oldmantwp. 1) Shopping center-- Do you think the government should take private property over now and tell the owner how to run it? Sounds like the USSR to me. 2) Pascack and Washington ---Mayor had a chance to have the county come in and upgrade traffic and put 2 Mill or the infrastructure as resolutioned by council- mayor stopped it. 3) Cell tower- been on council business for over 8 years. Everybody wants service but no one wants tower in their yard.(How about you oldmantwp....can we put it on your property?) 4) Memorial Field- everyone wants Turf but no one wants to pay for it -- a two to three million price tag. By the way the field has just been re sodded. Oldmantwp get out of the house once in awhile and get your facts correct.


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