Sheriff's K-9s to Chase Geese From Memorial Field

Dogs from the Bergen County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit will get to exercise at Washington Township's Memorial Field, scaring away geese at the same time.

The Bergen County Sheriff's Office was "very willing" to use Memorial Field in Washington Township for their K-9 teams' training and exercise, township Administrator Catherine Navarro-Steinel said Monday.

Township officials said they hope the dogs will scare off the droves of Canada geese that gather at the field. Councilman Fred Goetz said he had seen 97 geese there before the snowstorm last week and counted more than 100 at the field previously.

Excessive geese feces on Memorial Field was one of the complaints a group of residents brought to the council about the site last year.

Officials had previously been considering using a chemical deterrent to remove the geese, but they had concerns about the amount of time needed for the chemicals to set, rain potentially washing off the chemicals and the possibility that residue could end up on children who use the field.

Navarro-Steinel said the K-9 plan would hopefully remove the geese and give the county's police dogs a place to exercise. 

Council President Steve Cascio noted that officals at Washington School, which is located just uphill from the field,  should be given a heads-up so they don't worry when county K-9 teams show up.

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Common Cents February 17, 2013 at 10:38 PM
Is Janet going to charge them for using the field?


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