Hillsdale Videographer Accused of Inciting College Riot

'I'm Shmacked' cameraman Ben Fredette was filming a party at Old Dominion University on Friday that got out of control, report says.

file photo
file photo
A 21-year-old Hillsdale man was charged with inciting a riot by police in Norfolk, Va., after a college party at Old Dominion University got out of control, The Virginian-Pilot reported.

Ben Fredette was filming the party for a website called "I'm Shmacked," according to the report. Police arrested him after some partiers smashed and damaged an SUV parked on the street.

Police also had warrants out for two other I'm Shmacked employees — Arya Toufanian and Collin Morisi — according to the report.

Toufanian, the co-founder of I'm Shmacked, told The Virginian-Pilot that Fredette was acting as a journalist. 

The company was selling T-shirts with the company's logo and "ODU RIOT SHMACKED" printed on them after the incident.

“I’m Schmacked” is a video series where a group visits college campuses and spring break locations to tape student life, mainly parties. The “I’m Shmacked” Facebook page claims, “no alcohol or illegal substance is used, just prop.”


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