Hillsdale Man Forged Bus Pass to Commute to Work, Police Say

Simon Wilson allegedly used the bogus bus pass to get to New York.

Hillsdale Police. File photo.
Hillsdale Police. File photo.
Hillsdale police on Friday arrested a borough resident who was allegedly using a fake bus pass to commute into New York.

Simon Wilson, 36, used his computer to forge a pass for a Rockland Coaches bus route to New York, where he works, according to Police Officer William Diedtrich. 

Detective Sgt. Sean Smith, Sgt. Chris Donaldson and Detective Adam Hampton headed an investigation and found Wilson had forged the pass after getting tipped by a bus company employee, Diedtrich said.

Wilson was charged with theft of services, forgery and criminal simulation. He was released on his own recognizance.


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