Letter to the Editor: Supporting Birkner for Westwood Mayor

Montvale Mayor Roger Fyfe offers his support

Dear Editor,

An important part of how we judge our elected officials is how much time they are willing to devote to a given issue and how productive their efforts have been. Many of us are better at smiling and spinning things than we are at actually getting things done. It is with this in mind that I recommend that Westwood voters consider giving their vote to Mayor John Birkner. As a fellow Pascack Valley mayor, I have seen how dedicated Mr. Birkner is and how tenacious he can be when he wraps his arms around an issue. When Hackensack North opens again where Pascack Valley hospital was, every resident in the valley has a debt to Mr. Birkner for his unyielding pursuit in bringing back an acute care hospital to our residents. The meetings, rallies, letters, phone calls, and everything else he organized were a very big part in making its opening a reality. He was not afraid to be a pest to our state representatives as he relentlessly demanded action as we went through the process. Add to this the flooding issues that he has also been out front on as well as the day to day mayor duties and I wonder how he has time for a real job. Mayor Birkner has shown that he is not interested in politics but rather what is best for the most people.

I do not pretend to know anything about Westwood politics or his opponent, but I can speak from firsthand experience that there is not a harder working mayor in Pascack Valley and I believe he has more than earned the support of his community. So when you are in the voting booth ask yourself if Mayor Birkner has earned your support. I believe the answer is yes.

- Mayor Roger J Fyfe, Borough of Montvale

JB2011 November 08, 2011 at 01:24 AM
Well put Mr. Ryan! I remember when Mr. Wanner was running our town and it was an embarrassment. The fighting, the bickering... Mayor Birkner has done an amazing job these past four years and I hope for four more!
LivinLocal November 08, 2011 at 05:20 AM
Gee RRyan and JB2011, Mr. Birkner, I'm sure he's a fine man but he seemed to create harmony by throwing money around, tax dollars I think. Which soul did he use when he negotiated with a police union as a president of another union? Who was looking out for us taxpayers in that deal? How much will the future cost us, especially us seniors? And as far as Mr. Birkner putting in his heart and soul for the hospital, what was everyone putting into getting it back? Why is it that everyone who talks on behalf of Birkner talk in subjective verse? Even Mr. Birkner's mailers say nothing. He's kept taxes in check? What does that mean? As long as they can raid the surplus they'll keep taxes in check? I don't know. I'm asking. What municipal services did he improve? He offers gloss for image. He tries to sell a perception but when I paid my taxes this quarter, it was $256 more for the quarter then I was previously paying. That's not gloss, that's real money. I personally would love to know what Mr. Birkner has done for Westwood other then spend money. Mr. Wanner's mailers seemed specific enough. Mr. Miller offered pictures with other politicians and Mr. Birkner smiled for the camera. What an amazing job.
RRyan November 08, 2011 at 06:51 AM
With all due respect to you, LivinLocal, you ask a lot of questions and yet it does seem like you've made up your mind already. It's the mayor's job to negotiate with the unions, whether he belongs to a union or not. Could you clarify your question with regards to Pascack Valley Hospital, because it's unclear what you meant when you said "what was everyone putting into getting it back". Did you mean how much did it cost?
Gary Conkling November 08, 2011 at 11:57 AM
Taxes in check? Did anyone check the increase this quarter? apr $250,oo per quarter $1,000.oo per year. Not a problem. In four more years will it be a problem?
Wanner November 08, 2011 at 02:07 PM
The campaigning is over. Election day is here. Best of luck to all of the candidates. Whomever wins, Westwood moves on.


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