Township Police Headquarters Evacuated

Generator overheated a wall and caused carbon monoxide in the building

Two desk officers for the received medical attention Sunday after having elevated levels of carbon monoxide caused by the department's generator.

Police Chief Randy Ciocco said that the department lost power around 8 a.m. Sunday and began using a generator.

"Unfortunately it started to spew carbon monoxide into our building," Ciocco said.

The exhaust from the generator also overheated an interior wall. Members of the responded and cut a hole in the wall to reduce some of the heat, Ciocco said.

When two desk officers began to feel ill, the responded and found both had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. They were taken to Bergen Regional Medical Center for tests, according to Ciocco.

"Public Service ordered us to shut down our generator, which we did," Ciocco said. "We have a generator company coming up to set up something in the interium."

In the meantime, River Vale is serving as the dispatch center for calls to the Washington Township Police Department so residents can still call 201-664-1140.

Ciocco said the police department building was evacuated, but he doesn't expect any "blip in service" because River Vale is fielding all calls.

Peter Philis, who lives on Hudson Avenue right near police headquarters, said he has been without power since 8 a.m. Sunday. He was told by PSE&G representatives that they hoped to have power restored by 8 p.m. Sunday.

B@B August 28, 2011 at 11:43 PM
I hope Mr. Philis is right. I've been wringing out towels all day from basement seepage. I'm glad our local police officers are OK and no one was hurt, but even I know that you do not run a generator indoors. I'm going to buy one after this storm, but when it's running, it'll be outside.


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