Drivers Line Up As Gas Shortage Continues

Some lines for gas stations grew to nearly a mile as drivers waited to refill Thursday.

Gas lines stretched to lengths of dozens of cars and, in some cases, nearly a mile as drivers waited for fuel for their cars and generators Thursday as post-hurricane fuel shortages continued.

The line of cars waiting for the Gulf in Hillsdale stretched all the way down Broadway to Westwood Avenue. While Jennifer Garlan got gas for her car shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, she told Patch she had been waiting on line since about 8:15. Employees at the station also said two women had gotten into a shouting match after one tried to cut in line.

Local police were out directing traffic at the gas stations, making sure the long lines did not block side streets or driveways.

"People are somewhat in a panic mode when it comes to buying gas," Hillsdale Police Chief Chip Stalter said.

In Westwood, Vinny Losaco said he saw a tanker at Express and knew the gas station would be opening soon. The line soon stretched along Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue to the train tracks at Broadway, where police cut it off. Losaco waited for about an hour to get gas.

Other gas stations which had been busy, like Lukoil in Washington Township and Petro Two in Westwood, were closed Thursday after they ran out of fuel.

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