Westwood Specialty Oil Shop Plans New Location

Olive Branch & Grape Vine is planning to open a second location in Ramsey.

Specialty oils and balsamic vinegars are coming to Ramsey.

Paul Karoyan, the owner of Olive Branch & Grape Vine in Westwood says he is planning to open his second location on E. Main Street in Ramsey this spring. The new shop will replace Lolo’s Sweets & Sundries, which closed in August.

Karoyan, a Waldwick resident who has been in the finance and banking industry for 20 years, said he opened his first shop last year after adding specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars to his diet.

“I was really just looking for a way to lower my cholesterol, and to use more healthy ingredients when I was cooking at home,” he said. “It worked so well, and really helped with my health, I thought sharing it with people might work.”

Karoyan opened Olive Branch & Grape Vine on Third Avenue in Westwood last August.

“I didn’t have any expectations with it, it was really just something I enjoyed,” he said. “It turns out, it’s a pretty good business concept.”

Karoyan said he and his wife chose the spot on East Main Street in Ramsey for their second location because of the downtown atmosphere in the borough.

“Ramsey has a great downtown. People can walk around, parking isn’t too bad, and Lolo’s already had some things in place at the store that work with what I envision for the décor,” he said.

Karoyan’s plan for the new store is similar to the current shop in Westwood. It will carry a variety of specialty and flavored olive oils and vinegars, and related products, like spices, pasta and olive oil-based skin products. The store will also fill custom orders, like personalized olive oil bottles for wedding or shower favors.

“This store is much bigger [than the one in Westwood], so we’ll be able to add more flavors and expand what we offer,” he said.

Locals should look for an Olive Branch & Grape Vine grand opening sometime in the next three months, and for more from the store after that. Karoyan says he hopes to open a third location in Hoboken after this one is set up.

Olive Branch & Grape Vine is located at 288 Third Avenue in Westwood.

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